Code Service Price EUR
KM.1 Extraction of chalazion or subconjunctival cyst 85,00
KM.3 Removal of alary membrane (for one eye) 107,00
KM.4 Entropion fix (eyelid inversion) (one eyelid) 107,00
KM.5 Ectropion fix (eyelid eversion) (one eyelid) 135,00
KM.6 Excision of neoplasm (one eyelid) 93,00
KM.8 Removal of neoplasm of eyelid skin and plastic correction of eyelid (one eyelid) 128,00
KM.9 Intravitreal injection (for one eye) 105,00
KM.11 Implantation of medicine (for one eye) 105,00
A.45 Histology of the material taken during surgery 15,00