We provide a total optical service - we test and prescribe, offer a wide range of fashionable frames and even make your glasses for you. The Center can craft most standard glasses in a day - saving you time and relieving work and physical stress. If the lenses need to be ordered, it takes longer but the patient is always informed prior to this.

We also offer a comprehensive range of sunglasses (also optical), protective eye and face wear as well as optic swimming goggles - guaranteed to confirm to EU standards.

Eyeglasses Care
The eyeglasses serve longer if they are treated properly - this is acknowledged not only by the opticians of our clinic, but also by the patients.
Ultrasonic cleaning of the eyeglasses is the most effective. It's an easy, fast and effective way to keep your eyeglasses look new and clean.
SPA ultrasonic bath foe eyeglasses helps to clean the frame not only from the accumulated daily dirt, but also from small and invisible plaques arising from dust, oils, cosmetics, as well as bacteria and fungi.

Entrust your eyeglasses to a professional!