Laser is a medical technique which concentrates a beam of light which flows through a created substance to concentrate energy on a specific part of the body - in your case, the eye.

Eye Laser surgery is a branch of ophthalmology which uses this concentrated beam to cut or cauterize tissues of the eye or blood vessels, to remove tumours in a sterile way with no bleeding.

The two types of lasers are used in eye treatment are:

A thermo laser - the radiance of this laser becomes warm when it reaches the eye. The laser is used to cauterize blood vessels, to remove tumours and to attach or fix the retina to the back of the eye.

A photo destructive laser - its radiance cuts or takes apart tissues in a similar way to a scalpel. The laser is used to cut thin membranes inside an eye where the sharpness of eyesight is reduced; we also use this laser to change the shape of the cornea so we can change the eye refraction - the eye's optical strength.

Eye laser surgery has several advantages:

  • the laser creates lower risks of infection that surgical treatment;
  • patients are treated as outpatients - a patient does not need to stay in hospital for several days;
  • there are high accuracy and control options.

Laser surgery is used to treat retina disorders such as:

  • the prevention of retinal rupture;
  • the degeneration of macula and;
  • diabetic retinopathy.