LAAC Ophthalmic Surgeon perform various types of out-patient operations:

  • Extraction of chalazion;
  • Extraction of cyst;
  • Removal of alary membrane;
  • Excision of eyelids;
  • Tapping of eyelids;
  • Removal of new growth of eyelid skin.

as well as:

  • Cataract surgeries, including artificial lens implantation;
  • Glaucoma surgery;
  • Strabismus surgery;
  • High-Definition vision correction with the implantation of Intraocular Collamer Lens (ICL);
  • Plastic surgery of eye lids;
  • Corneal transplantation.

The specialist eye surgeons at the Latvian American Eye Center are highly-trained and equipped to undertake a vast range of eye operations. After out-patient manipulations patient is allowed to go home, following the suggested prohibitions and regime from his doctor. Depending on the manipulation, Latvian American Eye Center provides a guarantee of pre - and post - operation care for in-patients and out-patients. Any kind of surgery can be done under general anaesthesia arranging it priorly with the doctor. 


Surgical procedures