Sausas acs sindroms bilde

What is the syndrome of dry eye?
Syndrome of the dry eye occurs to the people with decreased tear production or if the substance of tears is chemically defective. Glands located in the eyelids secure exudation of tears; they constantly moisturize eyes and protect them from drying out by creating a protective layer of tears. Insufficient hydration of eyes cause irritation of eyes, feeling of discomfort, also worsening of the vision is possible.

What are the symptoms of the dry eye?
Dry eye syndrome can have the following symptoms:

  • Irritated and reddened eyes;
  • Feeling of nagging, feeling of alien body or sand in the eyes - complains get worse while reading, watching TV, driving a car or working with a computer;
  • Eyes are watering, especially during windy, cold weather, in contact with the tobacco smoke;
  • Temporal blurring of the vision, tired eyes;
  • Ulcerating discharges from the eyes;
  • Symptoms get worse in the evening, as well as in the morning after getting up.

What causes the dry eye syndrome?
Production of tears decline especially after 40 years of age, especially for women. Frequently the dry eye syndrome is connected with other diseases, for example, inflammations of the joints (arthritis), patients complain about the feeling of dryness in the mouth (Sjogren syndrome), endocrine illnesses (thyreotoxicosis) etc.

Also prolonged usage of medications can cause the dry eye syndrome when inflammatory medications, pain killers, antihistamine drugs, sleeping pills, sedatives, and antibiotics are used.

The most frequent causes of the dry eye syndrome are:

  • Beta blockers - medications used in the treatment of glaucoma (Timolol, Betoptik, Nyolol and others.);
  • Any activity related to the increased pressure to the vision (reading, working on the computer, driving of a car etc.);
  • Environmental factors - air conditioners, irritants, smoke, dry air, wind etc.);
  • After surgeries of the eyes, as well as other diseases of the eyes.

How to cure the dry eye syndrome?
Syndrome of the dry eye can be cured as follows:

  • With the help of "artificial tears" - eye drops that are chemically composed to resemble tears; these drops hydrate eyes, protect from drying out, reduce friction between retina and eyelids;
  • "Artificial tears" should be used constantly, 2-4 times a day as necessary. If there is a need to use "artificial tears" very frequently, preference must be given to the "artificial tears" of thicker consistency (gel-like, ointments). Also "artificial tears" without preservatives are available, in case patient has an allergic reaction to the preservatives;
  • In more serious cases also occlusion of the points of tears (short-term or permanent) or surgical closing must be performed to prevent leakage of tears to the nose;
  • It is recommended to moisture dry air with bowls of water, humidifiers during the heating season. Also green plants moisturize air. You should avoid premises where people smoke, blow dryers, ventilators, air conditioners;
  • It is recommended to use maximally covering protecting glasses when going out in wind.