Currently, yellow laser is one of the gentlest ways to treat eye socket, retina and glaucoma. In the Latvian American Eye Center, the treatment is available by the use of the yellow laser system EASYRET. 577 nm fiber laser technologies allows for treatment of eye diseases and the therapy at a new level.

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Why the yellow laser is gentler than the alternatives:

The laser wavelength is particularly important in laser treatment. The shorter is the wavelength, the less the laser affects the retina. Simply put, the eye is treated only where it is needed, minimizing the possibility of affecting other retinal tissues and nerve fibres.

Equipment EASYRET causes less light scattering and requires lower energy levels compared with green (532 nm) and other yellow (561 to 568 nm) wavelengths.


What treatment the yellow laser EASYRET is used for:

  • diabetic retinopathy,
  • macula oedema,
  • central serous chorioretinopathy,
  • in the case of closed and opened angle glaucoma,
  • as well as for treatment of other retinal diseases.


Advantages of the yellow laser EASYRET:

  • more gentle affect on retinal tissues and nerve fibres;
  • procedure is more comfortable and less painful to the patient;
  • much shorter treatment time can be reached than with alternative equipment;
  • causes less light scattering and requires lower energy levels compared with lasers of other wavelengths;
  • laser has much less heat diffusion, thus less damaging retinal nerve fibre layer;
  • can be applied to patients with opacity or cataract;
  • therapy can be also used in diabetic patients.


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