Vision is the dominant sense to most people, so regular taking care of your eyes and vision health should be in everyone's list of preventive health care measures.

To minimize the risk of infection and inflammation in the eyes, it is recommended that eyelid hygiene or the procedure for cleaning the eyelid margins is performed at least once a year. The Latvian American Eye Center handles this procedure promptly and painlessly with the latest generation BlephEx equipment.

Regular cleaning of the eyelid margins should be done by the contact-lens wearer as by inserting and removing contact lenses from the eyes on a daily basis, there is a greater likelihood of dirt, viruses, and bacteria entering the eyes which increases the risk of the disease.

Also, for preventive purposes, eyelid hygiene is recommended during the swimming season when water and microorganisms living there regularly get into the eyes.

Reddened eyes, feeling of burning or alien body in the eye, eye discharge, the presence of scaly scabs sticking to the base of the eyelashes and in the corners of the eye, sensitivity to light, and even vision impairment show an acute need to remove any dirt from your eyes. In more severe and longer lasting cases, thickening of the eyelid margins and flaking of the skin can also be observed. If you experience these symptoms, definitely seek advice and help of an eye doctor.