The new generation SLT laser is recommended and used to patients for treatment of intraocular pressure and early stages of glaucoma. SLT laser reduces effectively intraocular pressure; the result of the therapy is long lasting and allows the patient to avoid regular dripping of necessary eye drop medications in everyday life.

By selective energy absorption in pigment cells of the trabecular meshwork and sparing adjacent tissues from heat damage; SLT laser therapy produces a patient-friendly, painless and effective treatment result. SLT laser uses short pulses of low-energy light. It is developed so to pulse duration is shorter than the time required for melanine; thus, excellent treatment results are achieved not causing thermal damage and not affecting adjacent tissues!

SLT laser


SLT laser is used:

• in primary open-angle glaucoma – as a primary treatment;
• in significant daily fluctuations in intraocular pressure (IOP);
• in ocular hypertension – during the studies it was found that applying low-energy SLT laser, the medications were not needed in 85% of cases, average medication treatment starting time was much longer – 6.2 vs 3.3 years;
• in the case of progression of visual field defect irrespective of controlled pressure or low pressure glaucoma;
• before minimally invasive surgery;
• in chronic angle-closure glaucoma;
• in various types of glaucoma:

  • primary open-angle glaucoma;
  • pseudoexfoliation syndrome;
  • idoexfoliation syndrome;
  • pigment glaucoma;
  • pseudophakia;
  • steroid-induced glaucoma;
  • a.o. (aphakia, unsuccessful trabeculectomy).

Benefits of SLT laser procedure:

• 85-90% success rate that after the procedure the daily eye drops will not be needed;
• reduces intraocular pressure by 20-25 %;
• allows to intervene with surgical treatment in the early stage of the disease, reducing development progress;
• allows avoid more aggressive surgical intervention while there is such an option;
• can be used before and after minimally invasive surgeries;
• reduces need for medications and the side effects of their use;
• no systemic side effects;
• treatment can be repeated successfully (even higher level of success can be expected after the second application).

SLT laser procedure is performed outpatiently during the visit.

slt procedura