Control your eye pressure! Now you can do that on your own anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, while travelling!

It's big NEWS for glaucoma patients - eye pressure monitoring device use at home. In our clinic you are welcome to buy or rent Icare HOME for a desired period of time.

Why is it important to control the intraocular pressure?
Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness it is a progressive eye disease that causes changes in the optic nerve, with the consequent change in the visual field. Elevated eye pressure is the most common symptom of this disease. The disease most often occurs in patients over 35 years of age, but at an early stage, loss of vision caused by glaucoma is almost always preventable.


  • Bail amount 100 EUR* (is returned afterwards);
  • Tonometer rent

            for 3 days - 40.00 EUR (probes and VAT are included)

            for 7 days - 72.00 EUR (probes and VAT are included)

Find out more by calling: (371) 67272257 or writing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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A more detailed description of the iCare HOME eye pressure monitoring device HERE.

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