Latvian American Eye Center (LAAC) is the first and unique model of a private eye clinic in the Baltic States based on principles of patient care and state-of-the-art technology famous in the USA to provide specialist eye treatment for adults and children.

The Center was founded by the American Professor John Joseph McDermott in 1993 and since then it has developed into a well-equipped and established world-class clinic offering our services to local as well as foreign patients.

In the diagnostic and treatment process Hi-Tech, advanced, tested and certified equipment matching the EU and USA quality standards are used by professionally trained and skilled personell.

"Excellence in eye care and education"

Our mission is to efficiently use the available professional opportunities to progress and pass the knowledge further for the whole ophthalmology to develop, while patients are guaranteed professional and advanced service.


We want to treat you in the best way possible

Professionalism, technology and cooperation between the patient and the doctor are the corner stones of out mission.


Since March 15, 2018, The Latvian American Eye Centre has become a member of the MFD Medical Group.

The MFD Medical Group is one of the largest multi-field medical care institutions that provides a wide range of medical services for more than 400,000 patients throughout Riga and Latvia. Using the latest technology and the experience of excellent doctors, the main goal of the MFD Medical Group is to take care of the health of the population, providing timely disease prevention and effective methods of diagnosis and treatment.