Maja Vecliepaja 545x360

The Vecliepajas Primary Health Care Center
5 Republikas St 5, Liepaja
Phone: +371 63422497


Available for disabled people

Patients with functional impairments have access to the 1 st floor.

Visits to the health institution by a person with functional impairments must be arranged in advance by calling at 63422497. In these cases, a visit to the eye doctor is taking place on the ground floor - in Rooms 107,108 or 109. The eye doctor’s service is provided, using the mobile application in order to:

  • Check the near vision with or without correction;
  • Carry out skiascopy;
  • Measure the intraocular pressure;
  • Examine the eye background;
  • Establish a diagnosis or send to additional examinations if required.



  • Visit to an ophthalmologist
  • Repeated visit to an ophthalmologist within 1 month
  • Visit to an ophthalmologist for childrenRepeated visit to an ophthalmologist for children within 1 month
  • Emergency (acute) visit
  • Control of intraocular pressure according to the treatment plan (up to 6 months)
  • Injection into the eye subconjunctivally or parabulbarally (per eye)
  • Visit to the optometrist
  • Visit to the optometrist repeatedly within 1 month
  • Corneal topography (for both eyes)