Portable auto refractor-keratometer Retinomax K-plus3

  • Compact, light weight wireless handheld Refract Keratometer with just 999g (equipped with battery) and the center of gravity is design in the grip handle make it even much comfortable to hold.
  • High performance Keratometer function - best use during operation or typical objective eye examination.
  • High speed Keratometer measurement - only takes 0.34sec.
  • Auto Quick function
  • Parallel Sensor that detects inclination of main body and display value.
  • Three type of fixation target (Specified in advance while ordering) Tulip / Rocket / Bear (Suit for infant or small children)

Specifications for refractometry

  • Measurement range spherical (S + C)-18.00D to +23.00D (in 0.25D increment)
  • Measurement range cylinder0 to +12D or 0 to -12D (in 0.25D increment)
  • Measurement range cylinder axis1 to 180° (in 1° increment)
  • Minimum pupil sizeΦ2.3 mm (Auto Quick)
  • Vertex distance 0,12 mm adjustable

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righton1 Retinomax K-plus3 Retinomax K-plus3

Retinomax K-plus3 Retinomax K-plus3 Retinomax K-plus3