Dare to open your eyes wider!

Plastic surgery of eyelids is recommended and very effective manipulation to prevent sagging eyelids and bags under the eyes that makes person to look older and appear tired without actually being tired, and also frequently prevent them to become encumbering to vision.

These surgeries can be performed due to medical indications but also in the cases when they are meant for the improvement of the outer appearance. Surgery is performed by the certified ophthalmologist and surgeon - dr.Iveta Mežatuča, who has practiced in Denmark, Estonia and USA under the supervision of eye plastic surgeon Michael A.Burnstine, M.D. Plastic surgery of eyelids helps to regain more cheerful, younger and rested appearance. Usually surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and patient is able to return home within few hours after the surgery. It can also be done in general anesthesia, consulting and arranging it previously with your doctor.

Enjoy your visual freedom!

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