The corneal endothelial microscopy with the latest generation microscope TOMEY EM4000 and digital data processing are now available in the Latvian American Eye Center.

Self-monitor your intraocular pressure! Now you can do that on your own anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, while traveling!

We’ll also celebrate the Song Festival, so on July 09 the LAAC doors will be closed - we’ll enjoy the post-festive holiday.

Let it sound and resound!:)

Vision is the dominant sense to most people, so regular taking care of your eyes and vision health should be in everyone's list of preventive health care measures.

To minimize the risk of infection and inflammation in the eyes, it is recommended that eyelid hygiene or the procedure for cleaning the eyelid margins is performed at least once a year. The Latvian American Eye Center handles this procedure promptly and painlessly with the latest generation BlephEx equipment.

Changes in working hours:

June 22 8:00 - 17:00

June 22, 23 -  Holyday

 Happy and joyful holidays!

In cases where a patient is experiencing sudden pain or disease of the eyes, visual impairment, the Latvian American Eye Center provides a visit within one business day.

The age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading type of the macular degeneration associated with aging of the eye, causing irreversible damage at the back of the eye.

What does indicate that your eyes needeyelid hygiene? It is evidenced by reddened eyelids and eyes, sensation of burning or foreign body in the eyes, eye discharge, presence of scaly scabs sticking to the eyelashes and in the corners of the eyes, fear of light and even vision impairment. In more severe and longer lasting cases, thickening of the eyelid margins and flaking of the skin can also be observed. If you notice these symptoms, definitely seek advice from an eye doctor.

Since March 15, 2018, The Latvian American Eye Centre has become a member of the MFD Medical Group.

The MFD Medical Group is one of the largest multi-field medical care institutions that provides a wide range of medical services for more than 400,000 patients throughout Riga and Latvia. Using the latest technology and the experience of excellent doctors, the main goal of the MFD Medical Group is to take care of the health of the population, providing timely disease prevention and effective methods of diagnosis and treatment.

This spring we are in a new quality - on February 14, 2018, the quality management system LAAC is certified in accordance with the requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Please, note the changes in our business hours during the Holiday:

Changes in working hours at Easter:

In its 30th anniversary year, the Medical Center ARS gives its regular customers an opportunity to get the ARS Health Insurance Card, by which it is also possible to receive discounts at Latvian American Eye Center.

Magnifiers with integrated lighting are increasingly used in magnifying aids. Why so? Because, as we get older, eye tissues are also aging and people often suffer from degenerative diseases of vision, such as age-related macular degeneration. As a result, for instance, a 60 -year-old man may require 15 times more light for reading than it would be required for a 10-year old child.

Eyelid exfoliation with the latest generation Blephex equipment

Fast and effective treatment of chronic eyelid inflammation or blepharitis using Blephex equipment. This treatment also prevents the formation of skin plaque and reduces the risk of inflammation.

Discounts for holders of Latvijas Aptieka Silver Card

Take advantage of these offers! Benefits for holders of Latvijas Aptieka Silver Card.

FREE parking space is available in the territory of the clinic for our clients.

Icare HOME

Control your eye pressure! Now you can do that on your own anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, while travelling!

It's big NEWS for glaucoma patients - eye pressure monitoring device use at home. In our clinic you are welcome to buy or rent Icare HOME for a desired period of time.

Each friday Latvian American Eye Center in Riga, A. Deglava Street 12a offers eye pressure measurements for LAAC patients completely FREE of charge

How to choose sunglasses

Things that will help you choose sunglasses not only for style but also for protection.

Call +(371) 29152722 and apply for FREE consultation about the correction of vision with ICL!

Prescription sports glasses LAAC

Don't let anything become an obstacle. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, choose to see as good as possible when enjoying active lifestyle as well - visit our clinic and we'll provide you with the best solution for prescription sports glasses, sunglasses and swimming goggles.

Eyelid plastic surgery

Surgery is performed by the certified ophthalmologist and surgeon - dr.Iveta Mežatuča, who has practiced in Denmark, Estonia and USA under the supervision of eye plastic surgeon Michael A.Burnstine, M.D. Call and make your appointment - +371 67272257.

We proudly announce that our optometrist Evija Gulbinska participated in The 11 International Young Scientist Conference, 8 - 10 April in Riga.

Eye doctor consulting via skype

Your eye doctor just a click away! A new offer - eye doctor consultation through Skype. Contact us if you need an urgent consultation and we'll arrange the most convenient time.